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  • Cristy Joy

When I was processing a very challenging life changing event, I found my mountain..

When I needed to process my anger, pain and frustration, I put on my sneakers, headphones and headed out down a beautiful country road. At the base of the mountain, I took a deep breath and took one step and then the next.

It was a gradual climb and my heart rate increased with each step. My breathing was changing as this was a steep climb. My mind was processing the frustration and anger that was on a loop inside.

I put on empowering songs and I sang out loud forcefully to encourage this work that was going on in my mind and physically in my body.

My lungs began to burn as I reached the crest of this mountain.

There were angry dogs on the way and I cautiously kept walking by. It was as if they were sent to distract me further from my intentions.

As I reached the top, I had more pep in my step because the mountain guided me down this steep incline. A force was pushing me, encouraging me to keep going. My heart was leaping because I felt I had mastered the beast inside…

As I approached the bottom of this mountain…I steadied myself, turned around and began to climb it again as it was the only way to get back home!

What is your mountain?

Are you ready to face it?

Do you need support?

I am here for you…reach out!

💜Cristy Joy

Happiness Life Coach

Creator of Joyful Self Wellness

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  • Cristy Joy

I talk about Joy all the time …

I do so because I had my “aha” moment 6 years ago.

At that time I was going through personal struggles and just starting the journey to shift my circumstances and mindset.

Everything felt like a challenge and stress was a daily occurrence. No matter how much I planned and tried to control the outcomes, life just was so very hard and it seemed unfair. Unfair because I felt I was a good person essentially and didn’t understand why things weren’t getting any easier?

Have you ever felt this in your own life?

I felt …





I felt something was missing;

What was I supposed to do here?

It wasn’t until I threw my arms up in the air off the literal steering wheel of my car and said “I am ready!”

I was ready to …



Go out of my comfort zone

Set boundaries

Stop doing everything for everyone else.

How could I continue to do everything for everyone else? It wasn’t making me happy, it was actually draining me.

When I STOPPED doing this, got quiet and truly made myself the priority…things finally began to shift.

This isn’t a quick one day fix but it is important to know that one “aha” moment of clarity can set the stage for the change to begin.

Not everyday is going to be filled with joy and happiness. You will be presented with difficulties and trials but it’s all in how we REACT to these moments. You can still find peace during tough times but it’s a choice to utilize your tools, resources and then pour self care inside.

I know this sounds much easier to say than to actually put into practice, right?

Why not just open yourself up to a different way to react towards life…

We are here to learn and the only way we learn is through our mistakes… so try, learn from the mistakes, and try again.

Each day is a new reboot … isn’t that wonderful?

If you have no other gratitudes but to be thankful for a new day to try…it can be a powerful shift!

💜Cristy Joy




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  • Cristy Joy

How strange it feels to place ourselves in such a vulnerable position. We stumble in life flat on the ground, but now let’s put wheels under our feet? That sounds awful.

How is that a good idea?

Won’t we fall?

Of course we will!

So why do we do it anyway?

We do it because we see the joy and smiles on the faces of others as they roll by.

How can we get that same happiness?

Can we do it?

Are we brave to put one skate on and then the other?

Can we get ourselves to a standing position?

What are your thoughts as you stand there and are wobbly?

Do voices sound up in your mind?

Are these voices telling you things like…

“you are going to fall”

“you can’t do this”

“you will embarrass yourself”

“others are so much better than you”

Why do we listen to these voices?

Why do we believe these voices is a more important question?

Can we begin to ask ourselves these questions and make these statements instead?

I can stand on skates!

I can put one foot forward and stay upright!

I may fall but I will get back up!

If I need help I will lean on others!

I will get better each time I get on those skates!

I will find Joy as I soar around the room!

I will try new things because I believe in myself!

💜Cristy Joy

Happiness Life Coach

Empathic Author

Creator of Joyful Self Wellness

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