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The Empath Effect:
Powerful Stories of Love, Courage & Transformation

Cristy Joy is proud to be included in this new book of personal essays, curated by author Alicia McBride. This #1 International Best Seller is now available on Amazon!

An empath is someone who can feel the energy from other people, animals, places or objects. An empath is in tune with the energy around them. Not only can they imagine what someone else feels, but they physically feel someone else’s emotional distress or physical pain in their own bodies.

Empaths have superpowers, and once you step into yours and embrace your gifts, you become who you were meant to be. You realize you are not "too sensitive" and don't need to "toughen up." You no longer feel exhausted, drained and, overwhelmed. You understand you are not alone. Life suddenly makes sense.

This book is a collection of stories from twenty-two empathic authors who share the journey of their awakening, transformation, and recovery. Their stories contain beautiful poetry, vivid descriptions of how an empath can see the world, and compelling messages of change, healing, and joy. These are real stories shared from the heart.

The Empath Effect is a powerful tool for healing. If you're an empath or sensitive person, this book is a must-read. Take the plunge and discover your empath effect.

Book Signings

On Sunday, August 21 from 1:30-5:30 pm, Cristy will be at the RJ's Closet location at Palmer Park Mall, Easton, for a book signing. This event will also include a fashion show, so we hope to see you.

Cristy Joy was at the Rock & Roll Steampunk Fair (top, right) in Washington, NJ on May 21, where she enjoyed meeting folks and signing books!  

Enjoy these photos from our March 5 book signing at RJ's Closet at the American Mall in Rutherford, NJ (middle, right) - from left, Meg, Cristy and The Empath Effect author Alicia McBride

And more photos - from our February 26 launch at the Black Sheep Bookshop in Bath, PA (bottom, right).

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