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Words From Our Clients



The wellness center immediately made me feel welcome.  
Felt the brightness coming back into my visions, if that makes sense. Critsy is such a warm loving source of light she made me feel like I was home.  Cristy you and your husband are amazing I felt the love from the both of you the minute I walked in the door.  Faced so many obstacles to get me there  Walked in  feeling lost and ready to give up and left with over whelming feeling of warmth in my heart and a new hope in my soul. 
Feeling blessed and grateful 🙏💜

Violet Ortiz 


Joyful Self led me quite honestly to MY JOYFUL SELF.  Being new to the area and searching for like-minded people to connect with, I was frustrated to realize  so few groups existed in the flesh! I'm involved in many groups across the  country that are mostly online, but was missing that real flesh connection. People you can talk  face-to-face, hug and share your humaness with :)   I believe  nothing is by chance, so when I googled groups in the area and came up with Joyful Self, I knew I needed to connect.  Meeting Cristy was a JOY. Not only is she welcoming, loving and supportive,  but keeping her offerings affordable make all the difference.  She is allowing people to try things on at an affordable price, and for that I am thankful!

Dawn Ciccone


"Joyful Wellness gave me the tools for self care ...

and those tools have saved me many times ❤️"

Maryann Cimino

"I had the honor of photographing and filming a drum circle/cd release party at the Joyful Self Wellness Center and the energy there is amazing! It was a very relaxed setting and had a home feel to it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to expand themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. There's always great events with special guests to assist in overall wellness."

Floyd James

"Yes, I recommend Joyful Self Wellness Center. There is so much diversity of classes and attendees. I'm making so many new friends, learning so much about myself and wonderful strategies or skills for the future."

Becky Wollett-Schmick

"I am so happy for my friend Cristy for taking her dream to help others and making it a reality.  I had the opportunity to meet many of the instructors at her open house and they were all so welcoming.  The classes that I’ve taken have been so empowering. 
Cristy has a joyfulness about her that has a beautiful effect on everyone around her." Deborah Ann Woncho

"I truly believe that my path was supposed to cross with Cristy.

I absolutely love the positive vibes and inspiration from being around her and I thoroughly enjoy having our offices in the same beautiful building. I enjoy collaborating together to support others in the community. I love the variety of groups that she offers & I'm excited to participate."

Vicky Alercia Casella

"I am truly happy for my friend Cristy ❤️ She had a vision and with hard work and dedication she brought it to reality! Joyful Self Wellness Center has something for everyone and it's like no other! I was so amazed with my visit there! Ladies check out Joyful Self Wellness Center! You won't regret it!!! Cristy I wish you many blessings!!!"

RJ's Closet

"Beautiful space to express and develop your inner strength! Cristy is Amazing and has brought a life-changing center to the Easton area that we can all enjoy! Looking forward to sharing my gifts there soon! "

Sophia Matlock Fleming

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