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Time to Awaken!

This morning I wanted to talk about the wellness center I founded almost there years ago, named Joyful Self. This has been a passion of mine for and has evolved into something even more beautiful than I originally planned.

• I was inspired to create a place where guests could safely explore their fears and pains and find their way back to their authentic self through alternative healing modalities.  The connections I have made over the last few years has opened up many exciting new workshops that provide guests with the tools they need for their self care tool box.

• Fears block us from being our truest self but when we DO THE WORK we can start to make the shifts we need in our lives.   With the tools we learn, we can then pause during a trigger moment and ask the internal questions to react in the healthiest manner. When we start this new pattern of thinking, we can make the lasting change for a healthier mind, body and soul.

• Where does the fear come from?  Most times the fears and blockages start in our childhood where we place labels on ourselves or those around us place them on us.  Fears also come from our own expectations of self or the internal question….”What would people think if….?”

• Fear is the only thing that holds us back from moving forward…we become stuck with our old behaviors/ideals/assumptions …when our guests attend a workshop or private session…we help remind them of their true self and set goals.   They awaken! 💜Cristy Joy

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