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the Wonder Women Out There

You know who you are...

I started writing my first posts and sending positive affirmations each morning to the women in my life who I SAW were fighting the good fight. Women are very strong creatures. We take care of everyone around us because we want them to feel loved, we want them safe, we want them happy...what is the price to us as women though? We KNOW we can take care of it all because that is how God made us and we have the faith and confidence in ourselves that ...”yeah we can do this! We can do this because we have to do this...we have to do this because who else will do it?”

Have you ever found these thoughts cross your mind? If you are a Wonder Woman I know they have!!

I SEE you because I AM you too!

For years I have been Wonder Woman. I grew up loving Lynda Carter and I so wanted to be her. And I found myself being her. I was everything to my family...I literally did everything for them and with four kids, a husband and running a business that was an amazing pace to keep up.  I found myself saying “I’m exhausted!” all the time. I kept myself so busy saving the world every day that I didn’t see that I started losing myself (My Joyful Self).

God finds ways to send us messages to try to slow us down so we can reboot and find ourselves.  As Wonder Women though we just tackle the next obstacle, not realizing it is a message. He will keep sending you lessons in the hopes that you will SLOW DOWN and listen for him.

What woke me up from my need to save the world was personal trauma. Personal trauma is all relevant and we cannot measure what is more trauma from person to person. My personal trauma was two car accidents back to back, ending a marriage of almost 25 years, trying to save family member from alcoholism and depression and then top it all off with losing someone so young to cancer. Like I said it’s all relevant, everyone has these stories and pain. It’s time for us to get REAL. God is the only one who can do it all! We are perfectly imperfect creatures and we don’t need to solve every problem. We don’t need to control every outcome because we shouldn’t and we can’t!

People come up to me and say “you look so happy!” I am happy because I started taking care of me. It’s ok to take care of yourself.

It’s not a selfish thing to do, it’s a necessary thing to do. (Let that sink in)

God gives you this life to learn, serve and love. Start with yourself first and then let it ripple out...that’s how you save the world!

Be the LIGHT! 💜Cristy Joy

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