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AHA Moment | Inner Knowing

I have had several women that contacted me the last year.

The first thing they say is “I felt an urgency to contact you!”

After we meet and connect, there is always that AHA moment that this was meant to happen. It’s a “knowing” that we are supposed to collaborate.

I feel that God is working his magic and directing the right souls towards Joyful Self for the higher purpose he has intended.

I know Joyful Self is not about me, but it’s about the serving mission that has been the intention all along.

The mission of Joyful Self is to provide a safe place for individuals to heal from their pain and trauma and be inspired for mission of their own.

I have seen so many incredible women and men come through a workshop or class and go on to become an instructor here or move past their fears and go boldly on their passion journey of serving others.

💜Cristy Joy

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