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Roller Skates

How strange it feels to place ourselves in such a vulnerable position. We stumble in life flat on the ground, but now let’s put wheels under our feet? That sounds awful.

How is that a good idea?

Won’t we fall?

Of course we will!

So why do we do it anyway?

We do it because we see the joy and smiles on the faces of others as they roll by.

How can we get that same happiness?

Can we do it?

Are we brave to put one skate on and then the other?

Can we get ourselves to a standing position?

What are your thoughts as you stand there and are wobbly?

Do voices sound up in your mind?

Are these voices telling you things like…

“you are going to fall”

“you can’t do this”

“you will embarrass yourself”

“others are so much better than you”

Why do we listen to these voices?

Why do we believe these voices is a more important question?

Can we begin to ask ourselves these questions and make these statements instead?

I can stand on skates!

I can put one foot forward and stay upright!

I may fall but I will get back up!

If I need help I will lean on others!

I will get better each time I get on those skates!

I will find Joy as I soar around the room!

I will try new things because I believe in myself!

💜Cristy Joy

Happiness Life Coach

Empathic Author

Creator of Joyful Self Wellness

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