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Perfect Love?

Perfect love?

Perfect love doesn’t mean there aren’t flaws.

Perfect love is the act of doing your very best even after your mistakes. Learning the lessons from the mistakes.

Never giving up. Showing up. Being present. Knowing the importance of being there.

This is why I love the phrase perfectly imperfect....

Loving someone because of their imperfections...that is unconditional love. This is not to be confused with loving someone who purposefully goes out to hurt others and only thinks of self.

Jesus sees the imperfections, knows the heart and loves.

So when I say that my guy is perfect I mean that he’s perfectly imperfect for me. I SEE his love for self, for family and for me. He is a flawed man for sure but everyday he is present for his family. He is their cheerleader, their support. Who will be there when there is a crisis? Who can they count on for all the little moments?

This also made me think of my own dad. He has shown up for me since I was 10 years old. Is he flawed, of course. Does he love his family? Absolutely! He shows up for everything large and small. He is the one I call ️ when I need my cheerleader . He is a constant in all our lives.

So searching for true perfection in ourselves or in others will never happen. There is no such thing.

When we hold each other in grace and love each other for our imperfections, that is perfect love.

💜Cristy Joy

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