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Hugs: Why are they important?

Why are hugs important for our health and mindset?

The science behind it tells us:

When people hug for 20 seconds or more, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is released which creates a stronger bond and connection between the huggers.

We just KNOW that we feel better after a warm hug!

Have you held someone in a hug for over 20 seconds?

How dId you feel?

At some point in the 20 seconds your body lets go as if everything you were holding “in check” just releases!

Have you ever felt that?

Have a difficult relationship that you want to change? Start with a hug!

Holding people in grace and with a hug can help reboot those relationships you have found challenging.

Need to forgive? Start the conversation off with a hug and see where the dialogue takes you.

So TODAY lets experiment! Find someone to hug today! Your partner, child, grandchild, friend, etc!

Until we see each other in person, I am sending you a virtual hug!

💜Cristy Joy

Creator of Joyful Self Wellness

Happiness Life Coach

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