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Find Your Heart Based Mission...

Why is it important to journal your thoughts, feelings and dreams?

It is so very important to journal to record all the highs and lows in your life. It’s a healthy way for you to express yourself and a great way to look back and note what needs to change.

I began journaling years ago. First it was a way to vent about the things that were heartbreaking. I kept looking back at moments when I was my happiest. The past is behind us but it can teach us how to live in the moment and what our heart wants in the NOW!

The very act of journaling helped me SEE that I was doing things over and over again and getting the same outcome. Something inside wanted change and I was ready to step out of my comfort zone. My soul was crying out and assured me that if I just take one step, then another and another that my higher self would be there to guide me.

I began going to regression workshops with Jessica Brown Ramirez. In this act of going out of my comfort zone, I started to find my authentic self. I felt a light inside that had dimmed over the years due to pain and heartbreak and I began to FEEL the light in me. I felt love, joy and happiness begin to fill my chest.

I began to see through my journaling that I needed to SERVE OTHERS from my heart and that this would manifest all that I wanted and needed in my life.

And this my friends is how my heart based mission created Joyful Self!

Please join me on this heart based mission to heal and empower yourself to ultimately go out and serve others!

We are here to love and connect but first we have to clear out the lessons from our journal to heal and transform! Cristy Joy

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