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Cristy Joy

Joyful Self was an intention I set for myself

5 years ago...and within that time, I have created something wonderful!

Not only have I found the joy within myself but I have created a space to connect with other souls who are on a journey of self love and self care.

This year has brought about a lot of changes for all of us. Some changes we do not like but I have found that it has given us time to reflect. Time to reflect on what is really important in life.

Time to reflect on our purpose.

Time to reflect on how we spend our precious time here in the present moment.

My intentions became reality when I took the leap of faith and followed my dreams and created Joyful Self. So I am now taking the leap of faith once more and evolving Joyful Self.

I will be taking this next year to create courses online focusing on all aspects of healthy relationships with self and others. Creating courses that will help YOU make lasting changes in your life.

I have met so many amazing connections at 1733 Washington Blvd in Wilson Borough and now Joyful Self will he expanding its reach into both the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey and beyond. Although I will be moving out of Wilson Borough, I will very much stay connected and involved in the community.

Joyful Self has had MANY in person workshops and events over the years and I SEE that moving forward next year once we feel it is safe to gather. So in the meantime, you will see all the ways we can still connect, uplift and grow together as we go on the journey of a more Joyful Self!

💜Cristy Joy

Creator, Joyful Self Wellness Center

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