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4 Things to Find Your Joy Today

When was the last time you felt JOYFUL?

What does JOY feel like to you?

4 things you can do today to

find your JOY:


journal all the things you are thankful for right now. Once you start, you will see how it keeps building.

2. Call a friend...

take time today to actually talk rather than text. Connection is very important for our relationships and for our wellbeing.

3. Get out in nature...

Nature helps us connect with ourselves. It helps us balance our breath. It puts the world around us in perspective.

4. Turn up the music...

Any kind of music that makes your body want to dance, move. Sing out loud will fill you with joy!

Do one or do all of these today and you will find a piece of joy within you!

Send pics or comments on how you are finding your JOY today!

Fill this feed and show us how we all can get out and shift our moods, attitudes and lives!

💜Cristy Joy

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