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  • Cristy Joy

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear...

So now we have been gifted...time

Time to be home with our family

Time to reflect on what is truly important

Time to care for ones self

Time to connect with our neighbors

and friends

This is a lesson on practicing kindness, generosity, and love. So stay connected with your loved ones, friends and neighbors each day!

💜Cristy Joy

  • Cristy Joy

  1. Enjoying a beautiful walk today and this cemetery made me stop and enjoy the moment even more.

  2. A reminder that we are only here a short time. I am sure all of these people had life goals and wonderful memories with their families.

  3. Are you living fully in the present?

  4. Do you stop and count all the blessings in your life?

5. Are you staying connected with family and


6. Are you staying connected with yourself?

Stop for a moment and think of one person that you love so dearly.

When was the last time, You....

1. Sat down with them and talked

2. Did something fun together

3. Told them that you love and appreciate them

These are the regrets we have when it comes down to the end.

So take TODAY to fully be PRESENT and make that call, set that date, go have some fun just for yourself too!

Live Joyfully!!

💜Cristy Joy

creator of Joyful Self Wellness Center

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  • Cristy Joy

Do you have relationships that are just hard, frustrating and emotional? We all have these moments in time and the key to a healthier relationship is communication. Communication is more than just speaking what is on our minds. Listening is a KEY aspect of communication. When I say listen, I do not mean to just listen and plot what you will say in response. Listening with the intent to truly HEAR what the speaker is saying without interruption and without a defense. Each person in the relationship has a perspective and they feel a certain way based on past experiences. Somethings may be a trigger for this person. Depending on where they are in their inner work will determine the reaction and conversation. It is important to recognize the intent of the person‘s words and actions. Can you see their perspective? Can you hold them in compassion? Can you see where your own triggers are coming from? The important message is to have these difficult conversations in person. So much can be misunderstood via text or over the phone. You could miss the tone and the physical emotion by text or the phone. And time isn’t always the solution either, over time people can get frustrated or their feelings can turn into anger. Communication is about connection. Seeing, hearing and valuing the relationships we have!

💜 Cristy Joy

creator of Joyful Self Wellness Center